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Committed use discounts for Google Compute Engine now generally available

Committed use discounts for Google Compute Engine now generally available: By Manish Dalwadi, Product Manager, Compute Engine

The cloud’s original promise was higher agility, lower risk and simpler pricing. Over the last four years, we've remained focused on delivering that promise. We introduced usage-based billing, which allows you to pay for exactly what you use. Sustained use discounts automatically lower the price of your instances when you use them for a significant portion of the month. And most recently, we introduced committed use discounts, which reward your steady-state, predictable usage in a way that’s easy-to-use and can accommodate a variety of applications.

Today, committed use discounts are now generally available. Committed use discounts are ideal for predictable, steady-state use of Google Compute Engine instances. They require no upfront payments and allow you to purchase a specific number of vCPUs and a total amount of memory for up to 57% off normal prices. At the same time, you have total control over the instance types, families and zones to which you apply your committed use discounts.

Simple and flexible 

We built committed use discounts so you actually attain the savings you expect  regardless of how you configure your resources, or where you run them within a region. For example, say you run several instances for one month with aggregate vCPU and memory consumption of 10 vCPUs and 48.5 GB of RAM. Then, the next month your compute needs evolve and you change the shapes and locations of your instances (e.g., zones, machine types, operating systems), but your aggregate resource consumption stays the same. With committed use discounts, you receive the same discount both months even though your entire footprint is different!


With Forseti, Spotify and Google release GCP security tools to open source community

With Forseti, Spotify and Google release GCP security tools to open source community: By Gianluca Brindisi, Carly Schneider, and Anton Sapozhnikov, Spotify Security Platform Engineering Team, and Chris Law and Carrie McDaniel, Forseti Product Team
Being able to secure your cloud resources at scale is important for all Google Cloud Platform users. To help ensure the security of GCP resources, you need to have the right tools and processes in place. Spotify and Google Cloud worked together to develop innovative security tools that help organizations protect GCP projects, and have made them available in an open source community called Forseti Security. Forseti is now open to all GCP users!

Introducing managed SSL for Google App Engine

Introducing managed SSL for Google App Engine: By Lorne Kligerman, Product Manager
We’re excited to announce the beta release of managed SSL certificates at no charge for applications built on Google App Engine. This service automatically encrypts server-to-client communication   an essential part of safeguarding sensitive information over the web. Manually managing SSL certificates to ensure a secure connection is a time consuming process, and GCP makes it easy for customers by providing SSL systematically at no additional charge. Managed SSL certificates are offered in addition to HTTPS connections provided on